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Tanks in Schools Program

A leader in school reef aquariums

Reef Conservation Society members establish and maintain reef aquaria in schools throughout Pennsylvania. In some cases schools provide generous financial support for the aquarium setup. In others cases we are able to place tanks with support from generous donors. We welcome your support of our existing tanks and future tanks. If you are interested in learning how to start a tank program in your area please contact Larry Flint, Vice President of Education at

Directory of schools

Williamsport Area High School (Williamsport, Pennsylvania)

Our program's main system with over 1100 gallons of display reefs in four locations, a coral propagation system and fish breeding program.

Williamsport Area High School.

Barbizon School (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)

90 gallon reef aquarium

Bloomsburg Area High School (Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania)

120 gallon reef aquarium

Children's Home of Reading (Reading, Pennsylvania)

90 gallon reef aquarium.

Ebner Elementary School (Altoon, Pennsylvania)

55 gallon reef aquarium in a main hallway. Installed in the summer of 2012.

Gettysburg College (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

Gettysburg College maintains a 150 gallon reef aquarium in one of their science buildings. We were able to help stock the tank with coral grown in the Williamsport Area High School system and from member donations. Christian Newmann is a student at Gettysburg College and a volunteer who donates his time maintaining their tank. Before Christian's involvement, the tank was in bad shape with lots of aiptasia and hair algae. His dedication to making their tank look great has allowed our club to reach out to college level students.

Lake-Lehman High School (Lehman, Pennsylvania)

65 gallon, 90 gallon and 110 gallon reef aquariums

Lycoming Valley Middle School (Williamsport, Pennsylvania)

180 gallon reef aquarium.

Northwest Area High School (Shickshinny, Pennsylvania)

120 gallon reef aquarium.

Walnut Street School (Avis, Pennsylvania)

90 gallon reef aquarium.

Dan Rigle
* Reef Conservation Society
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