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4 months after having berghia delivered, eradicate a 120 system full of aiptasia, I Have managed to keep at least 5 berghia alive, while rearing another 10g system full of bleach out aiptasia.

Thinking, I'll have a 4 generation of babies sooner than later.

Good news, Just found a medium sized berghia in the sump of the main display.
Bad news... there are so many bleached out aiptasia in my sump it's unbelievable. LOL

A few visible aiptasia starting to grow back in the main display. Should be interesting to see if the peppermint shrimp and file fish keep them at bay or not.

If I have another generation 'bloom' outside the main display, I should be able to have just the right amount of Berghia's to tackle the next outbreak of aiptasia.

Would be quite happy if in November of 2019, I'm still breeding berghia's and keeping my system relatively visible 'free' of the aiptasia.

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