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Originally Posted by sensei View Post

The tip you gave me of raising the level of the sump for the SM250 is working great. The level of the bubbles was stable before, but now that the sump level is higher I opened the wedge pipe a little more and I see much more particles in the skimate. Thanks a lot.

In addition I have the new SM 300 in sump and have both skimmers working in the system now. the SM 300 is breaking in.
I saw several videos in of people working with SM skimmers at a sump level of 28cm so my SM300 is working at that level and seems to be doing fine. I have the pump set up at 50W, the only thing I noticed is that the bubbles in the SM300 are bigger near the top of the collection cup and the bubbles in the SM250 are smaller. Does the size of the bubbles have anything to do with pump speed?

best regards

best regards
Drop the pump speed on the 300 to 46 or so watts. Maybe a bit lower. 50w is too high in my opinion. That will help the bubble size. You want the bubbles smaller. The fact that the skimmer is just breaking in will also impact the bubble size as will the load relative to the skimmer size which with the equivalent of a 550mm skimmer on your size tank will likely be an issue anyways once the skimmers drop the load.

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