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I'd run...

A couple Ecotech MP40QD powerheads.
Ecotech Vectra L1 return.
Radion LEDs, AI Leds, ATI T5, Or Radium 250w 20k metal halides on m80 ballast.
Calcium Reactor with masterflex feed pump and a two stage regulator with the aquarium plants carbon doser add on box.
I'd use an aquamedic kalkwasser reactor for top off fed by a masterflex peristaltic and dual float switches from
Use an auto water changer.
Apex or GHL controller with salinity, orp, and all the fixins.
Royal exclusive skimmer
Nice set of media reactors.

Oh and hire a great maintenance company because no matter how many gadgets you put on the tank you still have to do maintenance.

Hobby Experience: 9200ish gallons, 26 skimmers, and a handful of Kent Scrapers.
Current Tank:
Vortech Powered 600G SPS Tank w/ 100gal frag tank & 100g Sump. RK2-RK10 Skimmer. ReefAngel. Radium 20k.
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