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The equipment I have that makes life for my SPS tank easiest:

- Alkatronic. It tests Alkalinity 3x per day so I don't have to.
- Calcium reactor/peristaltic pump/high quality regulator. This system basically is set-it-and-forget-it, especially when paired with automatic alkalinity testing. To keep all my parameters locked in all I do is adjust the bubble rate of my regulator a couple times a month.

I'd also consider spending money on redundancy. Two heaters. Two return pumps. Battery backup for your powerheads. If you want to get really fancy, two or more separate circuits so if the GFCI trips on one of them it doesn't take down your whole tank. For me I consider part of having an automated tank is having a tank that is protected from all sorts of common failure points.

And of course you should have a controller running all of this. I'm quite happy with my Apex but there are other options.

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