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Not a lot to report today but I did a little…

First, let me give credit to the peppermint shrimp, who finally ate an aiptasia anemone that was hanging around. Yay! I added them for that reason, plus food for the tank when they make babies.

I pulled the barnacle shells out to scrub them off. They were covered in hypnea and I didn't like it. The cluster broke into two pieces. I put them back in the tank and they look different, the way I stacked them, so the fish are checking it out, trying out new shells.

I took two small clumps of turtle weed and affixed them to the back wall with push pins. So far I've not had success getting this plant to grow on the wall, so I'm trying this. At least now I feel confident keeping the 'mother' plant alive, so I can risk small plugs of it. I'm crossing my fingers.

The rescued string of pearls plant is showing signs of new life. I need to find it a new, more permanent place. It's getting bulldozed back and forth by the conch and cucumber. There's another very small frag of it attached to a rock, so I may end up with two.

No work on the QTs.

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