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Hi Roger,

We spoke on the phone a couple of weeks ago about my TZTS24 system which I received the on 6/4/2007. If you will recall one of the 6100 pumps (the one on the left side of my tank) keeps setting the alarm and I have now taken the pump apart 3 times since you and I spoke. There is just no build up that I can see that is causing this problem and if it were a build up issue I just don't understand why one pump would have it, to the point it shuts down and the other is fine. The one that is not setting the alarm has not been cleaned at all, which after less than 2 months of operation I wouldn't expect it to need cleaning any how. As you advised I've followed the above cleaning procedure to the letter but that is not satisfactorily solving my problem. I have the system set up so that it replicates tidal flow. The left pump (the one with the problem) works fine, the controller shuts it down and the right pump comes on. Approximately 6 hours later when the left pump is energized the alarm sounds and the pump will not operate. I take it apart wipe down, put it back together and a few days later it happens all over again and the interval seems to be getting shorter. Please advise me how I should proceed.


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