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Originally Posted by bshow24 View Post
The problem is a lot of assumptions are being made here. Like I said, I agree the yellow tang is too small for the nano, but doesn't mean to attack the person without any knowledge of what they are going to do. Maybe this reefer has another tank? Maybe they already have a plan for the tang? We need to ask those before assuming and attacking someone on a forum.

In regards to corals, the very first post does have parameters, so you must have missed them... Oh and a complete myth = completely untrue

Yes, experience helps in keeping a stable aquarium, which is generally why people always tell folks with little to no experience to wait on getting any type of corals, but that doesn't mean it's a requirement to put corals in a tank that's mature. Hell, every brand new tank I've had has an anemone and coral in it within 2 weeks of the cycle ending. And they're still alive because I did my homework, asked questions, and made sure I kept everything stable.

All valid points. The title of the thread is ‘first nano’ and the posts are not encouraging.

I did see the initial parameter posts and nothing a month later. I don’t see much to suggest the OP is a responsible aquarist. The OP has not attempted to defend themselves yet.

In any case keeping a fish ‘temporarily’ in an unsuitable environment is a **** thing to do.

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