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Well we will see. Unfulfilled order.

Last week I purchased a Pair of ruby reds for my B-day as I lost mine to a hurricane last year. I"m a hobbyist breeder and have gotten these larva past starvation but not to settlement. I was looking forward to trying again since I now have the right copepods back in stock.

ANYWAY.... I paid a very handsome price for a mated pair $119. I put a note on the order that said IF YOU don't have the pair cancel the whole order. as I just ordered a pipefish for free shipping (and hopes that it pairs with my other pipefish and a few cheap clown gobies also for hopes of breeding but I can get this from the LFS). SO really just the rubies please.

I got a box with only one male ruby red in it. I have sent an email to customer service. The invoice has a check mark by the PAIR of rubies but I only got a female. THeir website still lists a pair as available too. Even if they send a female she's no longer necessarily the mate of the male I have. I could have just ordered their single collector's corner female and got a male from anywhere and saved $30 dollar.

I love that Bluezoo sexes them but they also charge for that. I'd like what I paid for. I'll keep this thread up to date with the result. I'm hopeful as I'd like to get more pairs and Bluezoo seems like the store

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