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Originally Posted by mcgyvr View Post
Most people now are just big babies afraid of everything
I retired from my aquarium business and set up a display for myself. I used clean but seeded rock I've kept in a refugium under a 75 g. quarantine tank for customers.

I wanted to avoid critters like flatworms, but mostly, I was trying to avoid those stupid vermetid snails. The sharp spikes they produce cut my hands when I handle rock. For the past 20+ freakin' years, people have asked me why my hands are so sliced up all the time. I'm sick of those things.

I traded coral frags to a LFS for African cichlids. I thought that was safe. It was not. From a small section of frags I introduced the miserable little creatures. Since I feed newly-hatched baby brine 3 times daily (feeding baby Banggai cardinals), vermetids are now numerous.

Moral being, no matter what you do, nature will find a way. And vermetids suck.

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