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MP40qd Tank too close to wall for proper spacer

I have an 80 gallon tank that has been running for a few months. I decided I needed more flow and ordered an MP40qd. I found the dimensions of the dry side and measured the space between the wall and tank. I knew it would be close but the dimensions I found online didn't include the thickness of the spacer.

My glass looks to be near .25" I havent measured yet though.

So now I'm not sure what to do. The only spacer that will physically fit is the rubber gasket. Im assuming the pump wont work properly with the incorrect spacer.

I thought about possibly adding a .25" spacer in the tank to make the glass thickness adequate for the rubber gasket but im not sure that would even work.

Moving the tank might be possible but it would obviously mean draining it down to nothing and then possible sliding it but that is a huge undertaking.

Darn it. I might be sending this pump back. I dont want to but I really dont want to go through the hassle of moving the tank a half inch just so the pump will fit.

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