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Originally Posted by cflow View Post
My Mg got to 1500 when I switched to AF probiotic salt. My component 1 has Mg with Ca. Fortunately the Ca is also close to 500 so I don't dose it. I'm probably lacking the extra elements that are in component 1 because I can't dose it. I actually switched salt to red sea blue bucket. It was icp tested and its Mg is a little less than 1300. My Mg is finally A coming to NSW range. AF doesn't seem to want to look up the icp results for my big box of salt I cannot use. I tried looking it up myself. The label does not work on the AF site. I don't think it was icp tested. Why would AF want to keep such high Mg? Scientific based evidence would be helpful.
It's my understanding that AF doesn't mean for their Mg to be high. But it is. Maybe these batches are bad. I have 2 unopened buckets that I might open up to test.


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