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Originally posted by vvolfe1
The favia is actually a Blasto merletti that got really red over the summer after I blew up my Icecap ballast and had to go back to the Nova Extreme. I think the crud in the sand bed is just algea on the glass. I'm glad you guys like it. I'll try to get a current pick this weekend.

oh boy---I've got to get one of these--what are the preferred lighting requirements for this colour?

yeah--I think you will find like I did--its just algae. Just be careful not to disturb the entire sand bed.

if you are worrying about the rest of the bed---get some nasessarius snails--they to a great job and stay under the sand bed--they also keep the sand bed loose and stop it from clumping over time.

I prefer my substrates stirred but not shaken

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