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Reefing Competition

One thing that advances many fields is competition. With reefing, you could know almost nothing, go into a fish store and buy a bunch of beautiful coral and then artfully arrange the coral take a picture and then submit to an online competition.

So, I had an idea for a competitive reefing format. If an organization running the competition rented a warehouse, you could mark off equal sized areas, maybe 50 squares with electricity. Each competitor gets a square. You’d be restricted to a tank size, and the competition would provide organic components that were weighed to be equal. So everyone would get several coral frags that each weighed the same, the same amount of sand and rock. You’d be allowed to bring in any equipment under some dollar amount, maybe ten grand. At the end of a specified time frame, say three months, the competition would be judged. Could be by weight of the corals or could be by aesthetics or maybe both.

Would a competition like this work? Would it be prohibitively expensive? Would people be unwilling to participate for long timeframes? If the competition format seems feasible, in what ways could the idea be improved?

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