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Phosphates Hanna ULR and Elos Pro

I did this one first and at the exact same time I grabbed the sample water for both AWT and Triton. My PO4 drifts a lot and could drift even with in a couple hours as seen I think in that Nitrate Shoot out thread linked to in the first post.

I'm definitely at the very low end of my swings at the time I tested. I decided on testing with the Hanna ULR as it's always been my favorite and easiest of course to read. Then as a second test I went with the Elos Pro. After that phosphate shoot out I found it the best for the high resolution low range numbers. I saw no reason to use any of the other kits as they didn't have the resolution that the Elos Pro or Hanna 736 ULR have.

To start out I went ahead and compared the Hanna 736 ULR checker against the "calibration" set. I really wish they would call it a reference set as you can't calibrate the checker. But I usually get a reading between 98 and 100. In the phosphate kit shoot out the checker read 100 on the nose.

This time it hit 99 which is to me still perfect

And the reading for the tank was 6ppb (or about 0.018ppm). That is about as low as my tank will get. All I care to be at is under .09 ppm. I actually took this test twice and got the same results. My tank usually bottoms out at around .03 but I have never tested as much as I have lately. Usually only when I see something off in the tank. I do not use GFO and haven't used it regularly for years.

The Elos Pro phosphate kit also agreed that it was at least below 0.024 ppm. The color was not 0 but not quite at the 0.024ppm coloration so in between.

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