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Dwarf Seahorse and Valentini?

I recently decided that my Valentini puffer will be moved to a new tank when I turn my main into a reef tank. However, recently I've seen seahorses and dwarf seahorses, and I really want to get one. Only problem is I don't have room for more than one tank. My Valentini is very shy and very peaceful. She is full-grown, and a cutie. She's slow moving and likes to follow other fish around. She isn't an aggressive eater, and seems like she would do well in the setup many seahorses have. I have never seen her nip on another fish, and would be surprised if she did. She is only a nuisance to snails, and I didn't want to take any risks having her in a reef tank. Does anyone have experience keeping seahorses and Valentini puffers? If so, does anyone have any tips? Thanks!

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