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rock curing update: happy to report that my dry rock is not certified cured - from a nitrogen cycle perspective. its been 15 days since i soaked the ~30 lbs of pukani in saltwater with two power heads and a heaters, and i am now getting 0 ppm ammonia and 0 ppm nitrite. Ammonia was off the charts during the first week but came down to zero last week, and nitrites were about zero for the first week, then off the chart last week, and no zero again. Have about 10 ppm nitrates (which should go away with a full water change tomorrow), and 2 ppm phosphates, which i am hoping also will go away after the water changes... if the rock is still leaking phosphates, then i have some decisions to make... wait for it to get down to manageable levels before adding it to tank (which is still empty), or aqua scape and let my phosban reactor take care of the phosphate problem... any tips or advice on the matter. Specifically, what is the typical phosphate load that a standard phosban reactor can deal with ? In other words, will phosban take 2 ppm and turn it into 0 zero ?, or will it only bring it down to 1 or 0.5 ppm?

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