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Old 07/03/2014, 02:33 PM   #1
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Join Date: Jul 2014
Posts: 3
clownfish deaths 1 always lives

Ok so im new to the hobby first time on this forum posting. Been reading it for about a year before I got the tank (I do ALOT of research before I get into something like this) but let me get into my problem and its not a mantis shrimp I always find the bodies and take them out

Hi guys my aquariums is as follows (sorry if my spelling is wrong on anything)
75gallon set up for about 2 months now
about 80+/- lbs live rock
60lbs live sand
fluval 405 canister filter
seaclone 100g skimmer*
temp 78-80 bad heater need a new one (temp fluctuation is not bad it just creeps up and down over a week or so never above or below those two though
48" odyssea t5ho lights 2 10k 2 actinic

1.021 sg*
0 amonia
0 nitrites
5-10 nitrates
15g water change every 2 weeks
fish list
1 snowflake occelaris 2" +/-
1 lawnmower blennie
1 neon dottyback
1 six-line wrasse
1 diamond watchman goby (sits at bottom eats sand all day) lfs said thats what it was but heard theres two different ones that look like that
1 neon goby

1 skunk cleaner shrimp
assortment of turbo astreous and 2 other kinds of snails
I think they are blue legged hermit crabs maybe 10 to 20 they come in as hitch hikers I bout maybe 5 and they either hitchhiked or made behbehs lol
and one 2" bubbletip anemone its been in there for about 3 weeks now originally got it for the clowns but then it moved to the very back of the tank where I didnt want it like they tend to do so I hear lol

anyways my problem is ive had the tank running for about 2 months now since may 26 2014
I started out with 2 clowns after the tank got done cycleing the first time no fish just a table shrimp in it for a week then out one clown died due to second cycle is what lfs told me I added 2 domino damsels and the neon dottyback 1 damsel died in first 24h second damsel died 1w later added lawnmower blennie and sixline wrasse 6 line jumped out and died 2 days after I got it cause I forgot to put lid back on added another one and the diamond watchman goby added another clown it lived about a week and was doing fine then died added another clown it died added another clown it died*
went to one of my buddies hes been doing marine for about 12 yrs he told me that my clown might just be really aggressive and killing my other clowns so he told me hed give me store credit if I bought a pair of clowns from his tank so I did that I get them put them in my tank 4 days later one of them kicked the bucket now im back to having just one clown again and all other fish are still alive

But here is clown types all occelaris that have died
1 false percula
1 misbar false percula
1 extreme misbar false percula (almost a naked clown only had a tiny bit of a white spot on its gill maybe a 1/4" wasnt ick either lol
1 snowflake clown

im sorry this is so long but I really want a clownfish couple dont care if they breed just want a pair of them and a anemone for them I know clown/anemone hosting takes time but I think its cool to watch*

also acclimation procedures ive tried have been*
Float and drip then transfer fish only
float and drip then pour bucket into tank
float then transfer
Float then pour bag into tank*

what im trying to figure out is why only one of my clowns dies even when I put them in as a pair and the other one doesnt is there anything I can do that im not doing to prevent this or am I doing this properly and its just the fish being weak and stressed to badly to the point of deathand sorry if this should be put somewhere else I couldnt find a clown only section so I figured itd go good here lol

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Old 07/04/2014, 11:18 AM   #2
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First: get and use a QT. You're risking all of your fish when you don't quarantine new ones. New fish settle in better without the mayhem, bullies, and competition of a DT. Also: With home grown clowns; this may be the first time they have ever seen fish that aren't other clownfish----if that means anything. A QT will also let you closely monitor fish and get help before its too late, FWIW: never keep more than two clowns in a tank and they must be the same species. Clowns become extremely territorial when they mature. Morphs of percula clowns are all still the same species and any two should be fine.

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Old 07/04/2014, 03:58 PM   #3
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+1 what Steve said...First off, SLOW DOWN & stop adding fish or anemone & let your tank settle in w/ all the bioload you already have in it. Something is going on in your tank that's caused at least 8 fish to die in such a short time. How long did your tank cycle before you started adding fish, & why did you add a shrimp after adding fish? That caused ammonia to rise & killed fish.
It sucks when we lose the animals in our care; esp. so many back to back like you did. Sounds like your tank was too new to support all that bio-load at once. Ideally, you should wait 3--4 wks between adding 1 more fish to existing fish in newly cycled tank, so that the bioload can catch up; so at 2 month mark you should only have 2--3 fish.
Also, NEVER add LFS water to your tank. If drip acclimating in the bag or in a bucket, just match salinity & temp, then put fish in QT & throw out water fish was in. It's also suggested to wait at least 6 months before adding an anemone to a new tank. I doubt that odyssea fixture will be enough to support any anemone long term. You might bump up your water changes to 15% weekly. Check out the anemone & clownfish threads for excellent advice too. Good luck!

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Old 07/04/2014, 05:05 PM   #4
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What SwampyBill and MrTuskfish said.

Warmest regards,
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Old 07/04/2014, 05:20 PM   #5
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Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: St. Pete, FL.
Posts: 2,369
Thanks, Snorvich. A thumbs up from you means ALOT!!

I love me some wrasse...
& laissez les bon temps rouler!

Current Tank Info: 120 gal Vizio
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