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Unread 10/02/2004, 06:39 PM   #1
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Tank of the Month - October 2004

This month we are featuring John Brancheau's (John Brancheau) beautiful reef aquarium:

More details can be found here or by clicking on the picture above.

Congratulations, John!

Skip Attix
Former Editor of Reefkeeping Magazine

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Unread 10/05/2004, 10:44 AM   #2
Reef "Hobbyist"...right!?
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Congratulations John. Your reef is simply amazing and your eye for asthetics is obvious. I love the way you have aquascaped your reef and you definitely are getting the best out of the colors of your SPS. Again, great job and keep up the good work.

P.S. I too am only about 20 minutes from Tropicorium.

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Unread 10/05/2004, 10:51 AM   #3
Ancient Eskimo Legend
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Fantastic tank!!! Congrats on Tank of the Month!!!


The wind blew, the chit flew, and then they came two by two.

Current Tank Info: 375g Tanganyikan Tank & 470g mixed reef
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Unread 10/05/2004, 11:32 AM   #4
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Awesome tank.....
I was interested in your Kalk doseing set up. So do you just have a 5 gal bucket with a small hole in the bottom with a line running into your sump? Could you elaborate on how you did this?? Sorry if this was covered better in the artical... Love you tank. I hope that mine can look as good as yours one day.


Yes I know it is spelled wrong but Junior was already taken.

Life may suck but the alternative is unacceptable

Current Tank Info: 75 gal display/ 29gal sump,95 lbs of Tonga, T-5 lighting (6 bulbs), euro reef skimmer, misc. Doodads
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Unread 10/05/2004, 12:05 PM   #5
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Posts: 367 of the most (if not the) most beautiful SPS tanks I've seen!!!!

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Unread 10/05/2004, 12:22 PM   #6
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Congraulations my friend, you've done an outstanding job.

John is more than worthy of this fine honor. He has the innate ability to perceive, conceive and interpret his vision into a mosaic aquatic display of breathtaking beauty. I don't think I have ever witnessed such a meticulous collection of SPS. John's diligence, research and dedication has truly reaped a bountiful reward.

I remember vividly the day that he set up this system in January of this year. Most if not all of his acros were 2 to 3 inch frags from his 90 gallon tank. The Green Slimmer has to be on steroids, every time I see it, it has grown another 2 inches. All I can tell you is that the growth in the system is unbelievable, ........UNBELIEVABLE I tell you. The growth is considerably noticeable every 60 days. I must admit, the pictures do not do this tank the justice it deserves.

Enjoy the ride my friend, ...........enjoy the ride, LOL


Anyone can build a reef.....the greater to grow one.

Current Tank Info: 70 gallon zoanthid, Palythoa and Mushroom Reef.
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Unread 10/05/2004, 01:02 PM   #7
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Gorgeous tank!! how long have you been running the Hamilton 14Ks and how is the growth with the bulbs?

Thanks, Have a nice day.

Current Tank Info: 90 gallon reef w/ 250 watt SE XM10Ks and AP1003, 12 gallon reef, 40 gallon reef
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Unread 10/05/2004, 01:27 PM   #8
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I knew this was coming one day!! GOOD JOB!!!

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Unread 10/05/2004, 02:22 PM   #9
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Congrats, John. Your display is beautiful.

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Unread 10/05/2004, 02:29 PM   #10
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Thumbs up

Congratulations John
The most beautiful SPS tank I have seen!

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Unread 10/05/2004, 03:27 PM   #11
Moved On
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Where did all those corals come from

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Unread 10/05/2004, 04:04 PM   #12
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That's a very nice looking tank, and the support systems for your tank are very well thought out. You mentioned in your description of the tank:

I have recently added a very simple modification to the skimmers, which of course I found here at Reef Central. It consists of a PVC Durso pipe that eliminates the need for the sponge filters on the skimmers' outflows. As inexpensive and easy as this was to do, I cannot believe that everyone who owns a Euro-reef hasn't already done it.
Where can I get the details on this modification since I have an Euro-Reef CS 6-2?

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Unread 10/05/2004, 04:10 PM   #13
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Unread 10/05/2004, 04:18 PM   #14
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Once again, Congratulations John!!!! Beautiful*

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Unread 10/05/2004, 06:12 PM   #15
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amazing! how long have you had the tridacna? thanks for sharing such a great tank-

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Unread 10/05/2004, 06:27 PM   #16
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Nice Tank!

I have a six foot long, 3 foot deep and 3 foot front to back tank. I wanted to know what you thought about aquascaping that tank.

I originally was thinking three large rock mounds, if you will, creating two caverns. Similiar to yours but with a mound of rocks in the center.

Your thoughts?

Steve Kenny

"Qui me amat, amet et piscis meum"

The bottle neck is always at the top!

Current Tank Info: 2000 Gallons-- Tenecor Display. Schuran AQ 300 w/ AquaKat Auto Wash Down System, Schuran CR250 Professional Series Calcium Reactor, System Controlled by Metasys Controls & now using Zeovit
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Unread 10/05/2004, 06:36 PM   #17
Aged Salt
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Again, very impressive One of my favorites. Bob

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Unread 10/05/2004, 06:50 PM   #18
catch and release
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Outstanding tank! Congratulations...very well deserved.

"Try to learn something about everything and everything about something" -- Thomas H. Huxley

Current Tank Info: 70 gallon mixed reef
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Unread 10/05/2004, 06:56 PM   #19
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John is a great guy! He sold me his old sump a 70 gallon and has helped me with my 180 that i am setting up!

He is truely a nice guy and has a BEATIFUL tank! It is stunning when i got my sump from him all i could do is tare at all the beatiful SPS and hope on eday i could acheive this great feat!

Congrats John well desirved!


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Unread 10/05/2004, 07:08 PM   #20
John Brancheau
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Just got home from work.


Thanks my friend, excellent job, you are the one who deserves a hand, I am sure it takes a lot of work to make this happen.....

Froggy, Thanks, get ahold of me sometime, we can talk..

Nanook, Thank You .

Jounior, Thanks, It is a 6 gallon Reef Crystal bucket, tapped at about an inch from the bottom, fed by a dosing pump into the sump.

Odog, Thank You.

Mucho, My good friend, my deepest thanks , you have been great.
Now, What do you really want??

Julio, Thanks, Been using the Hamiltons for about a year now, first the SE's and now the DE's. Growth has been great in my opinion.

Invince, thanks Buddy...

Blindmelonbob, Thank You.

Deb, Thank You, you are a sweetheart.

Bugger, Most of these frags came from fellow reefers, there are only a few wild colonies....

Reefkeeper, Thanks, I will see if I can dig that thread up and get it to you.

Spslover, Thank You....

Drchimo, Thanks again..

Kfisc, Thanks, the clam has been with me just over a year...

Sterlruth, Thank You, aquascaping is a very personal choice, though, I like your idea...

Aged salt, Thank You Bob, I greatly appreciate your thumbs up.....

If it is worth doin, be patient and do it right....

Current Tank Info: 180 in wall,Bubble King 300,Red Dragon 6.5 , Schuran, Jetstream 1, 100 gallon sump/ fuge,Tunze 6100,6080, 4 250 RO III's, Hamilton 14ks with 2- 6 foot vho's,sps dominated with some clams..
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Unread 10/05/2004, 07:38 PM   #21
meat popsicle
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John, congrats. You deserve it. It is an unbeleivable tank, pics don't do justice to the real thing.

P.s. I love the comments about the 250 halides.

Seek first to understand before being understood.

Current Tank Info: 180g Allglass dual megaflow, 125gal sump/refugium, Octopus Extreme series xs200 skimmer, mag12 return, 2 Vortech MP40wES, 3 400watt metal halide 20000k, 2x65w pc on fuge, 3x54w t5. Lots and Lots of happy corals!!!
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Unread 10/05/2004, 09:20 PM   #22
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Awesome tank! Love the cap and clowns. I've seen them do that in another tank, I think it's real neat.

I had a quick question about the h20 changes you do. Looks like 16 or 17% weekly.. thought it sounded like a lot. Curious what your philosophy was regarding that?

I liked the dual skimmer idea too.

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Unread 10/05/2004, 09:24 PM   #23
RC Sponsor
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I share some of the same opinions about your ideas on filtration...I love the natural method of filtering, especially the bivalve filters...I have an obsession with growing macro algae for nutrient fact, my 220 in wall runs "NO" protein skimmer...i love the growth of the naturals so much that i acutally had a custom tank made for my refuge/mangrove is 48x24x12 (seen in url below)...but i do have a question aboutthe grape calupera...mine grew out of control, until the mangroves started to really root out and take off..not the calupera is dying off...keep in mind that i added 120 mangroves at once...I think they died off because the mangroves are using all the nutrients...let me know what you think...



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Unread 10/05/2004, 09:46 PM   #24
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A most excellent SPS tank! I love the Monti Caps and Digitata's, they are my most favorite SPS corals as well as a few of the longer polyp Acro's.

Thanks for Sharing.

Isn't life just wonderful.

29g Biocube
Standard Pump
Standard 72w PC Lighting

Current Tank Info: 29g Biocube Reef Tank
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Unread 10/05/2004, 09:51 PM   #25
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Ill just ditto everyone else on the compliments! WOW!

I would love to hear more about the Perculas. How long have they been in the tank? Did you have an intended host for them or did you just add them to the system? What are your suggestions on adding a pair to an SPS tank?



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