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Dendro system by Fauna Marin

Posted 11/23/2009 at 09:20 AM by AQD_ottawa

Product highlight thread -

[B]Fauna Marin Dendro System[/B]

Fauna Marin have been known for years for their ability to develop and produce the most unique and advanced food systems for some of the most difficult to keep corals, and the Dendro system falls right into the catagory.

Words from Claude regarding this system

"Current results obtained from Fauna Marin research in both natural coral reefs and in experimentally set up reef tanks provided us with important information for the development of a new food system powerful enough to let your Dendronepthya grow even in captivity.

We found that animate, nutritionally improved coral mucus is the key factor in Dendronephthya nutrition. Our research goals have practically been applied to our new artificial coral mucus ULTRA MIn-D. The Dendro System allows for both the efficient nutrient upgrade and nutrient transport to the coral"

[B]So what products makes up the dendro system?[/B]


Natural food particles, combined with specific proteins, are the recipe for success of our new feed on the attitude of colored corals and other filter feeders. With UltraSEAFAN can azooxanthellate horn corals successfully cultivate and multiply there.

The novel food particles are precisely tailored to the needs of horn corals and can be easily absorbed by them.
Marine proteins, natural plankton as well as special enzymes and carriers get the nutrients through optimal particle size directly to the corals without additional water pollution. UltraSEAFAN will also be eaten like other corals.

Protein 75%, 12% carbohydrates, fats 8% Marine plankton, marine proteins, lipids, omega-IIIFettsäuren, marine oils, Aminoacid mix, vitamin, Antioxidiantien.


Special food for filter feeders, like Tridacna clams, Lima sp. and other species. Increases growth, coloration and disease resistance. Also ideal for other filter feeders in combination with UltraMin S and UltraMin F.

[B]Ingredients[/B]: Microalgae, nanoplankton different species, clay minerals, zeolites, fisch oil, solanacaea powder, polymers, organic acids, trace elements, amino acids: Lysine, Alanine, Glycine, Taurine, Thronine and many others.

Vit.A 97.870 I.E.
Vit.D 3 2.415 I.E.
Vit.E 1364 mg (as alpha-Tocopherolacetate)
Vit.C 868 mg
Vit.K 330 mg
Vit.B 120 mg
Vit.B 228 mg
Vit.B 615 mg
Vit.B 1250 mcg
Folic acid 2,5 mg
Ca-D-Pantothenate 50 mg
Biotine 25 mcg
Nicotinic acid 150 mg
Choline Chlorid 250 mg
Antioxidants: BHT, BHA, Propylegallate


Ultra Min D is a high nutrient solution and for specially developed for filter feeders, corals and clams. Due to it special formula it is taken up fast. Polyps will expand much further and the protective mucus membraneof the corals will be strengthened. Greantly aids the build up of coral tissue, nutrients will be transported into the coral/clam much more efficiently. The corals will expand and take up more particulate food/ultra min-F and Ultra Sea Fan, and ultra clam, the natural coloration will be enhanced. Ultra Min-D contains all amino acids and vitimins and over 70 trace elements. For husbandry of sponges and non-photosynthetic corals ultra Min-D is an essential product in combination with Ultra Min-F.


Ultra Life as a carrier material to feed amino acids to clams
Mix a few drops of Ultramin S and Ultra-live and feed this to your Tridacna clams. You will be surprised to see the increase in coloration! Ultra Life is a highly active natural clay mineral that adsorbs Nitrate, Nitrite, and Phosphates. The pollutants will be bound onto the mineral and can be removed by the skimmer.

Its large surface area allows for easy colonization with bacteria. Its has a unique Ion-exchanger capacity. UltraLive efficiently binds ammonia, ammonium, prevents nitrite ad nitrate formation and reduces detritus. It removes unwanted yellowness and toxic substances. Ultralife increases the efficiency of the protein skimmer, especially when using food rich in fat, like SEAFAN or Ultramin F.

[B]Dosing instructions for Fauna Marin Dendro System[/B]

one Teaspoon -

U Life

Mix in a container and add from this mix 1/2 TS to a water volume of 260 gallons. Add near a filter

add also 10 drops / Ultramin D to 260 gal of water volume

[B]Dosing instructions courtesy of Claude (Fauna Marin)[/B]
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