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Sk8r 04/30/2022 06:16 PM

Never give up on a lost goby....
In late 2020, early 2021, I acquired a yellow tang, second-hand, came from another tank, someone who moved and he needed a home. Healthy, happy YELLOW fish.

Yellow is also the color of my watchman goby, who does not like other yellow fish. I thought he was rather laid back, there's plenty of room, and he'd sulk a bit and get over it.

Well, halfway through 2022, Mr. Watchman has finally reappeared---in the sleeping hole favored by Mr. Tang. Not that they are roomies. Mr. Tang is out during the day, and Mr. Watchman will grumpily move out at night.

But he's back, bigger, fatter, healthy as a horse. And more brightly colored than before.

Gobies can be diggers, and they like the rockwork. I have a complex pile of rock, and a quarterround tank. He has been living la vita loca somewhere back there, feeling no pain.

I am glad to have him back. I figured if ever I tried to replace him, he would show up, irate, and I would STILL have only one goby. [They fight.] So here he is, apparently finally reconciled to the roomie.

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