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Mark 10/03/2000 09:39 AM

I was wondering how many of you are using CO2-stable airline tubing over regular airline tubing in your calcium reactor set ups. I read that up to 20 percent of the CO2 is lost through regular silicone tubing. I figure the CO2 stable tubing I see at mailorder sites would make the CO2 supply last longer. I'm collecting all the pieces to set up my future reactor, and didn't whether to get this stuff.

Greg Hiller 10/03/2000 10:53 AM


The loss of CO2 though the wall of the tubing is really not that great, certainly not of concern for the 10 inches of so of line of flexible tubing. I use standard Homedepot 1/4" rigid tubing for running CO2 all over my house to my three calcium reactors. Only the last 10" or so is flexible tubing. You don't really need, IMO/IME CO2-stable airline tubing, CO2 is not really very likely to degrade tubing. Pure O2 would do a lot more damage.

FWIW, when I get my 20# CO2 cylinder refilled it costs $10. If you are going though CO2 fast I'd look for a leak in your system and not assume that it is leaking THROUGH the tubing at any significant rate.

Mark 10/03/2000 11:20 AM

Thanks, I guess for now I will just use my standard airline tubing.

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