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EcoTech Marine 06/11/2009 09:33 AM

Need Service? We Prefer You Contact Us Directly (click for details)
At EcoTech Marine we pride ourselves upon our customer support. In order to serve you better we have developed four channels for helping you:

1) Visit our website at (our website features a multitude of FAQ's and videos which can help you solve many problems without needing to ever contact us)
2) Call us at 610.954.8480 ext 106
3) Email us at
4) Post here on Reefcentral

While this forum is an excellent means of exchanging information and helping you out, we prefer that you call or email us as many problems can be quite specific or require in-depth trouble shooting which can not be performed to our level of satisfaction on this forum.

If you choose to post here on RC rather than call or email us first, this can delay your service by a few days as our policy is to speak or email with you personally in order to determine whether or not you will need to send your pump in. If you need to send your pump in, or suspect that you do, please make sure to always include the following form with your pump when you send it in:

Lastly, if you post here on RC and are inquiring as to the status of your pump, please include your full name in your post. We do not keep track of pumps in service based on RC user names and so we will not be able to check up on the status of your pump without knowing your full name.

We respond to RC threads Monday-Friday, as we are able. Phone calls and email are monitored Monday-Friday constantly.

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