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Carlos 07/16/2002 09:10 PM

Rules of the Game
This forum was created with the purpose of providing hobbyists with help on how to culture corals. We welcome you and hope you share your techniques and experiences so others can share the success and also help in our conservation effort to save our reefs.

Please know that this is a non-commercial forum and commercial posts ARE NOT allowed.
Solicitation posts are also NOT allowed.

User Agreement will be fully enforced.

Now, enjoy the forum and don't forget to take pictures and share experiences with all of us.

RC Staff

Carlos 09/12/2007 02:54 PM

Added rule:

If you are a commercial hobbyists, you are welcome to share your wisdom and years of experience with hobbyists.

You are allowed to put pictures of your system's hardware construction, diagrams and other pictures that focus on the creation of your facility.

Pictures of livestock are only allowed when they are relevant to the thread at hand. If the pictures have nothing to do with the thread at hand, they will be considered commercial and removed.

RC reserves the right to remove any post/picture/thread that is deemed commercial under these rules and the rules presented by our User Agreement.



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