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Michael Hoaster 01/08/2022 03:40 PM

Got some new pics for ya! Mostly of Miracle Max, the Regal Blue Tang.
I wanted to get a better full width shot. The seagrass has never been taller. Can you see Stanley, the Sailfin Tang, in the middle of it?
The Blues Brothers, or um, Blues Cousins?
Max. "I'm, outta here".
More fish in this one.
Everybody wants to be in this one.
Not a great shot, but the best I got of (Where's) Waldo, the Foxface.
"Let's try to spread out more, for a better composition". Can you spot the Talbot's Damsel, just below Scarlett, the Tomini Tang?

vlangel 01/08/2022 05:10 PM

Miracle Max must be fitting in well for you to get so many pics of him. He looks very nice and as he continues to grow, his size will be an attractive comparison to the blue damsels. The Foxface is a great addition. He looks pretty good from what I can see.

I presume everyone is eating well?
What a wonderful little piece of the ocean you have there.

Michael Hoaster 01/08/2022 05:34 PM

The damsels still chase Max a little, but with much less gusto. I love this fish! The more I see him, the more I realize that the Blue Tang is my favorite fish. They're just so smart and quirky, and beautiful!

I think the Foxface will need a few more days before he doesn't dive for cover at my approach. His coloring varies with activity and location, like a chameleon. Sometimes he flashes his fins rhythmically, advertising his poison secret.

Everyone is eating well and I'm still feeding heavy. It's kinda fun, feeding the tank more. Everybody get fat!

Michael Hoaster 01/08/2022 09:04 PM

More pics!
Stanley posing hard. Go Stanley, go stanley!
Tangs on patrol.
Stanley working it with the Gracialria. Looks so cool!
Scarlett is still the most graceful fish in the tank. She's a beauty!

Vinny Kreyling 01/09/2022 09:47 AM

Looking Good Michael!

Michael Hoaster 01/09/2022 10:53 AM

Thanks Vinny!

vlangel 01/09/2022 01:22 PM

Stanley's pattern is just so beautiful. I can't blame him for posing, he must know what a handsome fish he is, LOL.
I love the pics. I have green envy, meaning I wish my tank had more green in it like your tank.

Michael Hoaster 01/09/2022 10:26 PM

Stanley is a looker, with great, juvenile colors. He's also the king of the tank. He could grow into dinner plate size!

Glad you like the pics. It's good to get back into practice. Fish are challenging subjects. I hope to get pics of Waldo the Foxface, when he flashes his fins. They're almost like daggers. Really gorgeous. He's a weird fish. Rarely in a hurry, sometimes hiding in camouflage, sometimes boldly in the open, but still a bit shy these early days.

Max and Waldo look to be the fastest and slowest moving fish in the tank.

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