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Lighting for 300DD. Thinking of going to LED/t5

I've just been running luman brite pendants with 3 x 250w radiums on magnetic ballasts.

The time has come to revisit my lighting options as I have just never had complete coverage being 36" wide. 72x36x27

I am also considering ditching my make shift canopy and just going with a hanging 3 x Aqautic Life 24" hybrid with kessil AP700's. The 300DD has 2 braces which give 3 openings to put lights so my thought was to use them front to back like this I-I-I

Heat and evaporation are main factors for wanting to go to a different light but I do also love the MH shimmer vs the t5's I had many years ago.

It is mind-boggling looking back into this and would appreciate any suggestions for this wide tank.

I am mostly FOWLR ( with a massive amount of mushrooms that I need to get back under control) I doubt I will ever get too much into high-end corals but if spending this much I would want that option open.


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