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Originally Posted by alton View Post
Your change is going to be hard since you have the best setup for the 300DD. I know that is what I had along with two 6' BML led strips. In the summer I would run the MH's only 3 hours a day and the BML led strips 8 to 10. Keeping my living area from heating up in the south texas summer. In the winter 8 hours of MH and no heaters.
A friend went to XR15 Pros versus the XR30's to get even lighting on his 5' x 30" x 27" tall tank. He installed six of them and it is a SPS tank.
I know itís maybe not going to be the look I want or I am used to but I have to try something. The evaporation alone is a killer. I have the perfect scenario for a high electric bill. I kill a dehumidifier about once a year as well. When they die Iíll come into the offer and have water dripping off the electrical panel. It is far too big of a tank for the office space I use but itís hard to go back now lol.

If 6 g5 xr30 isnít enough I can always run a 3rd row in the middle. Iíll also be keeping my mag ballasts and radiums in case I end up not liking led.

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