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I'm not sure why people have such issues? I have been using Imgur and its really no different then photobucket is/was.

In imgur you upload the photo, click on said photo, at the bottom click on huge thumbnail, then copy the [img]Photo url is here between the tags[/img] tags (referred to as BB code for message boards) into your post. Exactly the same as you use to do in photobucket with the exception of resizing(PB did that part for you).

Like this:

or even better since most people are using a mobile to take these photos, download the app Tapatalk. It's as simple as clicking on the new post button then clicking the plus sign. Tapatalk uploads directly from your mobile and sizes them correctly for viewing.

The best part about both of these methods is that you have full size photos within the post and no one has to click on the thumbnail to view the photo.

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