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Originally posted by nitroxdiver009
I found that the reason i ran out was cause i had a leak in the first stage.
One of the standard procedures we do in technical diving is a "bubble check" near the surface just before we descend. If someone is leaking, we "call" the dive. A small leak may not seem like much near the surface, but at depth it amounts to a far greater volume (remember Boyle's Law).

Another procedure we have is not diving solo (Yes, I know this is a whole other topic for discussion). By using "the rule of thirds" in our gas planning, the team has enough gas to support another diver. That is, you turn the dive when either you have reached your planned time limit or you have used up one-third of your gas supply. The second-third is used for the return, and the last-third is used in the event a team member has a gas loss.

Another part of team diving is to make visual contact EVERY 20 TO 60 SECONDS. That may seem excessive to many people, but we are dealing with human lives here. If your buddy is not around to support you, you may want to consider diving with someone else or discuss with your buddy what are your expectations so you can work as a team. It is sometimes said that the single most important choice of dive equipment is your buddy.

nixtroxdiver009, it sounds like you came very close to not making it back. Breathing from your BC was quick thinking. Glad you are still with us!

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