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Can Basement Walls be used to Cool Tank?

I have a 90 gal. tank on the 1st floor, which I like to keep around 78 - 80. I am running 2 - 250W MH's & 2 - 220 W VHO's. The tank is built into the wall.

The only time it has any heat issues is when the house temp starts to get up around 78 - 80. I currently have two CPU fans pulling air out of the tank area, through a vent aboce the closet door. And 1 larger fan blowing air over the sump.

I was wondering if I could either pump tank water out of the tank through the floor into the basement and pumb along the basement wall and then back into the sump. Or run a clooped loop along the basement wall and through the sump.

Would PVC running along the basement wall provide enough of a temp drop or would I have to switch the to Stainless Steel or Titanium to get enough cooling? How cold does the basement wall have to be for it to be suffiecient? Any ideas?

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