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Originally Posted by Michael Hoaster View Post
What color bulbs to run is kind of an if/then situation. For example, back in the day, when metal halides were king, most folks ran a near daylight halide, with actinic fluorescent bulbs to give fish and corals more pop. Now, with LEDs, you can adjust them to any spectrum, so you may choose T5s that complement whatever you have decided on. It's up to you!

Have fun with your new tank, neighbor!
Howdy! I just noticed you're in Boulder. LOL I'm in Parker. Not too far away.

Thanks for the info. I'll have to think on this one. I'm thinking that the LEDs would have a schedule set where they do the nighttime to daylight and back to nighttime. So, I would think that means my T-5s really should be daylights to help the tank during the day and when the LEDs start to go into the sunset/nighttime mode, I can have the T-5s turn off and let the LEDs continue from there.

I just picked up the tank and everything yesterday (yay me! LOL) and found out he only had two 6 foot (and I think they are only 5 foot, but I'll have to measure them really quick) T-5s. I don't know what type they are (daylight or actinic or a combo). One of them cracked on the way home, but no biggie. I was going to replace them with new bulbs anyway. That's why I was wondering what type to go with.

I'm also wondering if just having the two separate T5s (with LEDs in the middle) would be okay or if I should pick up two more T5s to have two on each side (two in the front and two in the back) or is that too much lighting?

Decisions, decisions. LOL

I have no snappy quip to put here. LOL!

Current Tank Info: 135g fish/reef tank under construction :)
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