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Originally Posted by Darth Vedder View Post
Sk8r, I have a question...

Would it make sense to test the bag water to verify sg before opening it? What I am thinking is use a syringe to pierce the bag near where it is closed off and draw a ml or so of water into the syringe, then roll down the rubber band to make sure nothing leaks out of the tiny hole

You could then spot check the sg with a refractometer

Do you see any harm in this?
A reputable LFS or online retailer will know what their salinity runs. For me at least it really doesnít matter, once you open that bag after 15 minutes of floating you are on the path of no turning back.

As soon as I open the bag I add tank water how much depends on how much is in the bag so itís a judgment call. I add tank water every 5 minutes and watch them closely to read their stress level and never let them stay in the bag longer than 30 minutes. If I see the stress level escalating rapidly 20 minutes tops for me.

I would rather take my chances let them in the tank where the water quality is healthy than leave them in the bag and run the risk of killing them that way.

Sk8r will probably have a more informative answer.


If you do not test for it, DON'T dose it.

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