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The central purpose of acclimation, once temperature is at least moderately fixed, is salinity. If you can fix that in advance by pre-setting your quarantine tank, you've got perfect water (salt mixes try to be) at a matching salinity and an ok temperature. This will satisfy most everything the new arrival needs. And your qt, which will be dim, quiet, and clear of other fishes' smells and threats, will be a nice place to hang out and catch a fishy breath for a bit. When he finds out it's also rich in food (after a decent time to relax and get curious---THAT is the cue it's time to offer food)...he's in a good place, unbullied, unnipped, pretty secure, and fed without having to fight for it.


Salinity 1.024-6; alkalinity 8.3-9.3 on KH scale; calcium 420; magnesium 1300, temp 78-80, nitrate .2. Ammonia 0. No filters: lps tank. Alk and cal won't rise if mg is low.

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