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Originally Posted by wetone View Post
lots of good info on this thread but a few questions...

I have 200+lbs of rock from a tank that I shut down 5 years go, it has been in a trash can outside for all that time (dry). I am planning running the rock in a can with bleach for a few days to clean up any leftover debris, I would then rinse (maybe even power wash) to remove the old detritus and dead items. Once all the bleach has been removed I was thinking about adding the rock back to the can with RODI salt water and heater, along with some type of bacteria in a bottle with the lid on for 3-4 weeks, possible adding a shrimp or other type of food for it to grow. Is this a good idea? will it be beneficial to start this cycling process in the can before adding to main tank (waiting for delivery and setup)
I did this when I setup and it worked well for me. Just add a bit of fish food everyday to get the bacterial going.

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