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Originally Posted by wetone View Post
lots of good info on this thread but a few questions...
I have 200+lbs of rock from a tank that I shut down 5 years go, it has been in a trash can outside for all that time (dry). I am planning running the rock in a can with bleach for a few days to clean up any leftover debris, I would then rinse (maybe even power wash) to remove the old detritus and dead items. Once all the bleach has been removed I was thinking about adding the rock back to the can with RODI salt water and heater, along with some type of bacteria in a bottle with the lid on for 3-4 weeks, possible adding a shrimp or other type of food for it to grow. Is this a good idea? will it be beneficial to start this cycling process in the can before adding to main tank (waiting for delivery and setup)
Using any bleach or chemical substance can be a problem. A power wash and a good scrub should do the job!

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