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Originally Posted by JoeTSI View Post
This wouldn't happen to be the INFAMOUS Shep would it?

I think it is wise to forego the AP700's as I have them over my 240 with supplemental T5's, but am definitely going the Radion G5's when released (more than likely 3 rather than the two AP700's I'm currently running) I get decent growth out of everything from SPS to softies but I don't get the great PAR at the bottom of the tank even at 90%. Just my 2Ę and had no idea you were into aquariums John.
Busted ! Lol. Yes Iíve been into them since 08í. I initially wanted the ap700 due to the wider spread. Then a good friend told me to wait for the g5. I picked a hard to light tank but didnít know better at the time.

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