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Talking Qt or Not?

So i have a QT set up, recently I have been having no successes with QT. I use Kick-ICh and Rally pro . have in the past with success. Presently I lost a bicolor angel, Butterfly. ( I know they sometimes don't quarantine well) 2 powder Browns. at different Qt. and lets not for get the blue eye tang. I always First use "Safety Stop" prior to 2-4 week QT. they start out great then ICH sets in, I'm sure its not something else. They eat well, and then " Bam!" death. after the last QT death. I broke down the 29G QT. cleaned it and reset it up. I now have a Blue belly Hippo, Power brown ( Love, love this guy) and my wife was set on the clown Tang, So in order to get what i wanted, I got the clown,(pretty cool fishy). Now we are in day three, all eating, water quality is NH3=0, No2=0, No3=0 and Po4=0. Temp 80 and finally SG 1.025. Remember I did dip prior to QT. So the question is, has anyone used the dip and went straight to Display?? I want to make sure these guys survive into display. Or should I just wait and see?? Reason for the Kick-Ich and Rally is that I'm not to keen on using harsh chemicals. other than the dip. Any guidance appreciated. Lets stick to topic please. Thank you.

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