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Are you prepared for emergencies?

In speaking with many recreational divers and discussing course content with instructors I found it interesting how many people have neither been taught nor have pondered what to do in emergency situations. This thread is not meant to tell anyone the one-and-only way to be prepared, but is intended to generate some good constructive discussion on various emergencies. For example:

Unlike in training videos, where an out-of-air diver calmly makes a gesture across the neck, real-life gas emergencies usually entail a diver in total panic, ripping your regulator right out of your mouth. Even after grabbing your reg, the diver will usually still be in panic and might bolt for the surface. Will you be able to quickly and calmly find your backup reg? Do you know how to bring a panic-stricken diver under control?...(yes, there is an effective way). Do you practice donating a regulator on a regular basis?

What if you surface and the boat is gone. Do you have an inflatable surface marker? Is it large enough to be seen and does it have a reflector that can be detected by radar? If it gets dark, do you have a light by which to signal a passing boat?

If you get entangled in fishing line or in a net, do you or your buddy have a pair of shears or knife to free yourself?

What if your inflator fails open and you begin to rise. Have you practiced disconnecting the Schraeder valve while simultaneously dumping gas?

What if your inflator fails closed and you begin to sink. Have you practiced inflating your BC or wings orally without resorting to dropping your weights (which can get you into more trouble)?

If you loose your mask will you be able to read your gauges to do your deco or safety stop? Do you carry a backup mask?

Do you plan your gas usage by using the rule-of-thirds? Do you keep track of the gas usage of your team members?

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