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I almost died in Roatan Honduras one night. I got sick, decided to turn back. We were 60-40 feet on a wall, shore diving, I was leading a group of 7 people including myself. I got dizzy, decided I was going back by myself. I'm totally cool diving solo, so I told someone and took off back around the walls to the sand which would lead me back to the shore. Half way I got all freaked out and started to panic. I was tangled in all of my gear as I tried to deflate my BC. I was hypervenalating, reaching the surface fast because my lungs were full... I couldnt get my deflator in my hand, I could feel my heart jumping out of my chest... I finally got it together and reached the sand at 20 feet deppth. I laid down in the sand and chilled out. I was safe but let me tell ya, getting dizzy and everything at depth changed my mind about diving. It's freakin dangerous. Now I never go below 40-50 feet, even on my latest trip to the cayman dive lodge. I realize it's the last 10 feet that is the most dangerous so why not go 100 feet? Well, I just feel better at 40

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