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"i found that your buddy is never near by when you need him like in an out of air emergancy( whitch happend to me at 120 feet ish

according to my computer i was a little bit over the ndl
My buddy wasnt insight so i decided to go up slowly... guess what at around 90 ft i couldent hold my breath any longer.. my first idea was to grab my BC oral inflator and breath from it. and use it like a rebreather... sure it dosnt have a scrubber but you can rebreath the same air atleast 10 times and be perfectly fine. I had time to do a 2 minut safty stop. and got to the surface fine.

I dont recomend breathing from your BC since it can be toxc but i had nother way.

I only breath about 4 times a minute so i usualy dont run out of air.

I found that the reason i ran out was cause i had a leak in the first stage.


I belive that you shoult stick to your training. not trained to go past 60 ft dont do it not trained to go in to a ship wreckDONT DO IT.
( ship wrecks are my fave)

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