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A few more thoughts if I may:

I got certified as a college elective so our course was nine weeks which gave us a lot of time to cover "emergency procedures" which is more than I can say for a lot of dive shops out there who seem to be more interested in the card and the $$$.

I am currently in Hawaii for two weeks visiting family and just got back this morning from my second time free diving. I did 50' which I felt was pretty cool for a rookie. I think the self control involved and discipline required is incredible. The guys I went with were from Miami and flew all the way to Hawaii to compete in Haliewa for a free dive fishing contest this weekend. To see these guys hang at 100' WITHOUT a tank blew me away. I think my point here is that you should try free diving sometime as I think the lesson(s) will really benefit my SCUBA skills.

And if you are a rookie the points listed by other members are spot on!!


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