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Peter, my "C" card reads "Basic SCUBA Diver", my wifes care reads "Open water diver" I don't know the difference and apparently PADI does not either because I wrote them on two occasions about it and did not get a response. Her dive charts are just no decompression tables. I have the three charts for decompression and repetitive dives. Her actual class was about 4 hours. I think PADI wants to give you a very basic course then charge you for all the other courses. I guess it's not too dangerous as long as these people know their limitations.
I have never had a terrable emergency while diving except once swimming into a 100 year old ship boiler and having a little trouble getting out (about 6" vis) Once I caught a lobster, the biting kind, we don't have those "sissy" lobster here, and when I went to put it in the bag I noticed the bag with a few lobsters in it were gone. My partner who was tied to me went back for it and I caught another lobster. While I was laying on the bottom on my back waiting for him the lobster grabbed my inflator hose to my BC. With a lobster in both hands I tried to pull him away and of course the hose on the BC came out of the fitting. My buddy came back and with 36 lbs. of weight on I could not swim too good so we had to surface to fix the BC. I did not want to drop my weight belt because we have all kinds of stuff attached to it so I tied my inflatable buoy marker to it, before I dropped it, I inflated the marker and I rode it to the surface and repaired my BC, then I followed the line down and put the weights back on. I know, not that exciting, but here where it's pitch black at 25' in a 1/4" suit it gets tough.
Anyway I got all the lobsters and my weight belt.

I used to get shocked when I put my hand in my tank. Then the electric eel went dead.

Current Tank Info: 100 gal reef set up in 1971
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