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Yea I hat to toss one out, It had bubbles in the seams. I was also talking on another forum with a guy who had a bad one and had two replacements that were the same. Actually there are allot of people I have hear of with the issue once I had mine. A few went ahead and used the tank anyway because Marineland told them it was ok which makes no sense if they are replacing others.. They said the bubbles went away after a while but no way I am trusting that. I also wonder since they go away how many people have had issues and didn't even know it because when you first fill up a tank they usually have micro bubbles or it is on a back seam..

Mine not only had the micro bubbles in it the seams were horrible with glue all over and the pains of glass were not even straight.

The micro bubbles dont show up till you put water in the tank but I looked at a few Marineland tanks and the glue is horrible so I just bought a Aqueon tank and their is a huge difference in quality with the glue...

I had to toss mine because it was drilled and no warranty.

Also the 93 stand that comes with them is garbage. It is too low for a reef and the bottom plywood is too thin.

Joeb1983 that is exactly what it looks like but yours is not as bad. I think on the 93 it is worse because they are bigger and the joints are stretched down farther because of the extra weight. mine ran from top to bottom on all seams. Eventually those bubbles must fill with water because they go away from what I have seen from others.

I do not think the concern is it leaking it is the seam actually letting loose. The glue is not supposed to do that.

Stinks because they are one of the few who makes cubes without having to buy custom but there is no way after that I will ever buy another aquarium from them except maybe smaller size and I even doubt that.

David Polzin

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