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LOL! So far its been 6 for 6 that has seam issues for me!

The one I have currently is the "best" of the bunch.

Tank 1 (original): Micro bubbles in the seams. Reason for inquiry to MarineLand. (Emailed first, no response so I called) Informed its bad/needs replaced after supplying pictures. (Was hoping for "its only cosmetic").

Tank 2 (replacement from the place of purchase via RMA w/ MarineLand): Same exact problem. Same manufacture date by the same individual. Email sent off to MarineLand explaining such. In limbo thereafter. Same between my place of purchase and MarineLand.

Tank 3 (at another LFS/dry display): Micro bubbles in seams yet again. (starting to think its normal) Another email sent and phone call to MarineLand for a status update. No reply.

Tanks 4, 5 & 6 (place of purchase has 3 come in) ALL have the same issue, some even worse than mine.

Apparently MarineLand contacted my LFS and said they are addressing the issue and would send out bubble free tank...

That was months ago and we haven't heard a word.

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