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Hello there @beaner720 !!! Things are going really well, thanks for checking in.

We have been really busy:
work boat repairs and upgrades, trailer repairs and a new one ordered,
warehouse system currently has 3,000 gal of saltwater running through it,
ordered and received 2 containers of beautiful man-made rock from Fiji,
planted 44,000+ pounds of Walt Smith, literally rock by rock,
vintage rock inventoried on lease site (and yes, there is some pukani!),
constant communication with TBS founder, Richard Londeree,
and while we are waiting for the warehouse system to cycle and shipping supplies to arrive...we are diving, diving, diving (even today) to check on the rock and it looks excellent!

Our website is in process.
You can check on us through Instagram at tbs_liverockrocks and on Facebook at Tampa Bay Saltwater Live Rock.

We have also started a list of folks who want an email notification when we begin shipping. You can email us at to be put on the list.

Thanks for your patience everyone, we can't wait to start harvesting for you, Beaner720!

Madelyn & Jocelyn
Find us on Instagram tbs_liverockrocks

Current Tank Info: mixed reef
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