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Tampa Bay Saltwater, time for new blood!

Hello all.

Posting to clear up a lot of misinformation regarding Tampa Bay Saltwater and current events.

I had the wonderful opportunity of being a pioneer in the aqua cultured live rock industry here in Florida. I received the first and only five acre lease for aquaculture of live here in the State of Florida off the west coast of Florida almost forty years ago.

I was a real pleasure taking this new industry to you folks and supply the finest quality of live rock on the planet. It was for sure a wild ride, and I would not change anything that transpired in these forty years.

With the state of affairs we are all facing, and the fact that we are old and fat, 68 and 71 years old I have decided it is time for somebody else to take over the live rock lease and website. It will take a special person to step in and do as I did, and supply the finest live rock, sand and inverts on the planet. There is nothing easy about being a live rock farmer, but to me there would be no other occupation that would be as satisfying and rewarding as this was for me.

This would be a great opportunity for someone who is young, lives in the Tampa area and has adequate boat and facility to make this happen. I did it by myself for many years and it was very rewarding. This is a lifetime lease with the state that is renewable and transferable every ten years.

I used to think as I was anchoring up off shore when diving on my lease getting ready to jump in and get a load of rock, that I was very lucky to be out on the ocean living the dream, and not at a desk looking at a computer screen.

Many thanks to the thousands of customers I had over the last forty years, and and thanks for the support and understanding in these troubling times for all of us.

Most of all, be safe and please be kind and respectful of others.

Many Thanks for all the Years!! Could not have asked for more of my working life or a better occupation.


Richard TBS

Madelyn & Jocelyn
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